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Advance planning is essential for a stress free move. As soon as you call Packers & Movers regarding your transfer to another place, a moving consultant will contact you and make an appointment to visit your home in order to evaluate your needs. Before this important appointment, go through your entire home, room by room. Don’t forget the garden and storage areas. Identify exactly what you want to do with each item, such as ship it, sell it, store it, give it away or discard it.

Moving can offer an excellent opportunity to dispose of unwanted possessions that have accumulated in your home. In case you want to dispose of some items in good condition, we suggest that you contact a local charity.

On the day of the appointment with our moving consultant, make a special point to be at home yourself. The survey carried out by our moving consultant will take approximately one hour of your valuable time.

A thorough inspection will be made, room by room.

Please remember to:

Point out any special items that you worry about, like antiques, or fragile items, and ask our consultant to explain how those items will be packed.
Remember items in the storage room and garage.
Point out items that will not be included in the move. Are these items to be stored or should provisions be made to send them to another location?
Have you thought about selling or purchasing some items? Certain items cannot be included in your move. These include firearms, batteries, explosives, and flammable liquids. Drain all the fuel from lawn mowers and motorized equipment. Discard cleaning solvents, paint and liquid bleach.
Discuss the time frame with our representative and ask him to give you an estimate of the time it will take to pack and load your household goods. It is always best to reserve yor packing days well in advance.
Discuss the transit times with the moving consultant and let him know when you will be leaving the country and when you would like to receive your shipment at destination.


Based on the weight and volume of the goods to be moved, Packers & Movers will estimate the cost of the move. This estimate will include the cost of the packing materials that will be used as well as transportation cots, delivery and unpacking.

Services that may have additional fees include the building of custom made crates for delicate items, insurance premium, extra pick ups and deliveries, shuttle service, if required, documentation for the exportation of pets, and third party services such as hoisting, disassembly of billiard tables and pianos, etc.


It is always best to set aside in a box or suitcase important papers and documents that you will want to take along with you. This may include airline tickets, passports, school records, medical and dental records, credit cards, birth certificates, jewelry, stamp and coin collections, family photos and irreplaceable computer software. It is recommended to store this box or suitcase carefully so that it does not get loaded in the move.

Select items you want to get your hands on first when you receive your shipment at destination, like basic pots and pans, detergent, paper towels, a change of clothes, flashlight, simple tools, basic toiletries, a familiar toy or sweater for a child, something that feels like home. Set this important box aside and label it clearly.


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Insurance coverage to protect your belongings during your move is especially important. If you take insurance through Packers & Movers, it will be necessary to complete an insurance form, wherein you will provide the contents and values of all your possessions. Do not forget to note the expiration date of your policy. Claims must be submitted within the time frame indicated on the insurance certificate.


When your shipment is delivered to you at destination, be sure to have a copy of the packing inventory with you so that you can check off receipt of each item and the condition in which it is received.

< p>The movers will place the furniture and carpets according to your instructions. They will dispose of packing materials on delivery day.

If any damage is noted, please indicate this in writing on your packing inventory and the delivery receipt. Any missing items should also be noted. Check carefully through the packing material that is being discarded during the delivery process.

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