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2 months before moving:
Decide what to take, what to give away, what to sell, and what to discard.

Set up the survey appointment with Blue Star Packers & Movers moving consultant.
Reserve packing and loading dates with Blue Star Packers & Movers
Ask your employer if there will be weight and volume limitations for both the air and surface portions of your move.

1 month before moving:
Prepare the items you will take with you in a special bag, including passports, tickets, medical and school records, birth and marriage certificates, insurance policies, tax declarations, etc.
Set aside all items that will be sent by air freight.
Give away, sell or discard unwanted items.
Segregate items for shipping (aire and surface) and for storage.
Make arrangements for shipping pets.
Have carpets, curtains, furniture cleaned and be sure they are dry.

2 weeks before moving:
Fill in all the forms Blue Star Packers & Movers has supplied for customs.
Has your valued list for inventory been prepared? Packing day is not a good day to prepare this detailed document.

1 week before moving:
Prepare your suitcases containing clothing and other personal effects for your trip. Store these suitcases out of the sight of the packers.
Mark clearly any items that are NOT to be packed by Blue Star Packers & Movers.

3 days before moving:
It is important that the forms Blue Star Packers & Movers supplied for customs be returned to Blue Star Packers & Movers along with the valued list and any other document required for move at destination.

Packers and Movers

Moving day:
Make arrangements to be present during the packing and loading of your move.

With the assistance of the packers, prepare BOX #1 that will contain the articles you will need the day your shipment is delivered at destination, including cleaning items, paper towels, toiletries, first aid kit, basic tools and toys for children. Ask the head packer to load this box at the door of the container for easy retrieval at destination.

Sign the packing inventory, deliver it to the packers and keep your copy in a safe place (in your bag??).

Walk through your home before the packers leave to be sure nothing is left behind.

1. DOX Box: Box or case that contains important documents that you will take with you on your trip.
2. Suitcases: Contains cloths for your trip.
3. Box #1: Contains articles that you will need on the day your move is delivered to you in destination. This Box will be included in your move.

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They design appropriate Household Goods Relocation plan that fits in your budget and schedule. Packing and Moving is difficult enough, but if you don’t have the right boxes, tape and other moving supplies it can seem almost impossible. Whether you’re hiring our Best Packers and Movers in India or you’re going to do it on your own

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Household Shifting your possessions during your move is a very tedious job. Hire Local Packers and Movers in India these experienced moving helpers for all your Household Shifting needs. They are a professional Local Packers and Movers provide all Packing, Moving and Shifting services in all surrounding areas of India.

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